Property Purchasing Principles

Bros Property Development Ltd purchase properties with the sole aim of re-designing and developing them to reach their full potential. Our focus is on mid-range residential property and commercial conversions in London & Home County locations. We focus on mid-range properties that are usually between £500k - £3m because we feel there is less competition in this field and the properties once split into smaller units are easier to sell.

The market usually dictates the type of property we buy, whether it is a commercial to residential conversion in Watford or a grand freehold house in Richmond converted into smaller flats, as long as there is scope to add value through design we will take it on. Once the property purchase has completed we will have already finished the design, permissions, tendering and costing stages and our contractors will be briefed and prepared to start immediately.

We pride ourselves on efficiency and know that time is money. Our projects can take anywhere between three months and eighteen months to complete depending on the scale, but usually we focus on projects that take less than six. Once the project is complete we expect a sale to be completed soon after and then we move straight on to the next.

Bespoke Design & Core Values

We have a team of interior design specialists and consulting architects who work together on all of our projects. We look at property as a blank canvas and work out where space is under-utilised and how this can be improved by design. We use both lateral and vertical space to maximise the living experience of a property and often utilise exciting engineering principles to achieve our goal of flooding the property with natural light.

Our projects are micro managed to ensure they run on time and on budget whilst careful planning enables our craftsmen to produce intricate attention to detail, finished to perfection. We are firm believers that great planning leads to exceptional results and we take great pride in choosing everything right down to the tiniest details.  We take pride in our properties and we are constantly on the look out for exciting new materials, finishes and fixtures and fittings. By using high quality resources we can be sure that our properties will stand the test of time. We also try to integrate environmentally friendly products and sustainable living in our projects where possible.

Let's Work Together

Over the years we have built a strong foundation of trust with our investors and private clients. We understand that investing in our business or your new home is a huge commitment and we are here to guide you through the process. If you are thinking of making an exciting investment into London’s property market, feel free to get in touch with us and hopefully we can create something very special together.

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